Opera / Concert Music

Women’s Work - Libretto by Seth Christenfeld, Music by Benji Goldsmith

Jamie - Keith Browning
Liz - Alexa Jarvis
The Bust of Sojourner Truth - Nicole Mitchell

Liz, who is white, is an artist, working on a long-term series of sculptures themed around great women of history; Jamie, who is black, isn't her boyfriend.

Theodora - Libretto by Benji Goldsmith, Music by Minhui Lee

Alanna - Alexa Jarvis
Justin - Keith Browning
Theodora - Amelia Watkins

Alanna is a young professional stuck in a dead-end job surrounded by male coworkers who refuse to listen to her. Still, it's her birthday, and her roommate, Justin, won't let her avoid a little celebration.

© Benji Goldsmith 2019